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Asoft MLM, an all-in-a-box Multi-Level-Marketing Management System, is an essential tool for a well-managed MLM enterprise. With the first copy implemented in year 1984 running in DOS environment, this extensively field-tested application has been widely accepted in the MLM industries region-wide. Current version is built on Firebird client/server architecture, coupled with the latest .NET technology, offering a robust solution without the overheads.


Over 15 years of implementation in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, the system outperform its competitor by its unbeatable data processing power and multi-national capability.

  • Member module
  • Stockist module
  • Branch system
  • Commission calculation
  • Mullti-currency
  • Option to integrate with Asoft Accounting System
  • Web integration
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As a leading provider in MLM solution, we strive to deliver fast and accurate solution with latest cutting-edge technology to ensure our customers are always ahead of their competitors in this highly competitive industry. Bundled with the solution, are our years of MLM experience and expertise to assist you to accelerate your startup. We understand and deliver knowledge of trend in pay plans, while our software able to analyze profitability of your plan model quickly and accurately.

We guarantee our customer to make the most out of their IT investment.

Powerful Reporting

Build in award-winning visual reporting tool allow user to customize the build-in reports by drag & drop manner. With the provided database, user may even able to create a new report using the report wizard with minimum guidance. All of the reports can be easily exported to several popular formats like PDF, Excel, Delimited, rtf and text file.


Web modules include the following :

  • Member Entry
  • Sales Entry
  • Family Tree
  • Commission Statement
  • Sales Inquiry
  • Beginning Jun 2004, we are offering MLM e-package covering all the essential services for your on line business at no extra cost. Our Windows 2003 with ASP.NET web server hosting is always ready to help your business go live instantly.

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