Accounting System
  • Supports multiple UOM (Unit of measurement)
    - Unlimited levels of UOM
    - Supports changes in UOM definitions (e.g. change of packaging)
  • Customizable fields / tables
    - Up to 5 fully customizable groupings' tables (user can set own 'groups'. E.g. Category table, Stock Group table, Brand table, etc)
    - Up to 3 additional fields for each type: String, integer, float, boolean
    - Additional boolean fields for Group table 1 and 2
  • Negative stock control methods
    - Management can decide between
    * No negative control
    * Just show warning when negative levels are detected
    * Full block on negative control
    - Different negative control methods for 'Sales Order' and 'Other modules' can be set by management
  • Goods Return (GRet) module:
    - Allows warehouse users to independently key in a Goods Return module.
    - Management can then decide to process the GRet by generating a CN or by replacing the item with a 'Goods Replacement'
  • Stock Take
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Build-Finished-Goods (BFG) to implement a Bill-Of-Material(BOM) concept


Goods Return

Stock Adjustment

Stock Take