Accounting System
  • Built-in approval checking for
    (settings decided by management)
    - Sales Order entry approval
    - Sales Order Price change approval
    - Sales Order Credit approval
    - Customer Invoice price Change
    - Customer Invoice Credit approval
  • Up to 3 levels of item discount
    - Management can decide between 'stacked' / 'incremental' method
  • Sales Order can be set to allow 'over matching'. User can set percentage of over-match allowed for each stock
  • Customer can be set to be filtered by branches (effect during transaction data entry)
  • Debtors' Grace period
  • Multiple default Price retrieval method:
    - Use price definition
    - Standard Price from stock maintenance
    - Average price
    - Optional (Allow end-user to choose)

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sales order

Sale order

Customer Receipt

Customer Receipt

customer document matching

Customer Document Matching